Team TIW has worked on several social media initiatives that formed part of a larger vision and goal sets for our clients. We believe that social media is a great online infrastructure to reach out to a large varied audience. Segmentation, targeting and positioning hold the key here too. So we start work with an overarching mission statement – an online subset of the brand's goals and set to work, keeping in mind the nuances of the specific audience of each social media channel.

Our INDIAFRICA project which was funded by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India is a true showcase of our capabilities in the online space. With this completely online public diplomacy outreach campaign, aimed at youth across the 54 countries of Africa, we connected with over a million India fans across the spectrum who participate in India centric events and competitions.

We have accomplished yet more in this space. The eclectic blend of superior design, strategic thinking and a deep understanding of the functioning of social media infrastructure and the mindset of our target audience help us create very well defined, goal oriented and interactive social media campaigns. To know how we can help you, please send us an email. We shall get back to you with a strategy note and a presentation.